We’re the providers of civil engineering and general construction works for today and tomorrow.



To play a key role in the transformation of cities, regions and communities through our construction and work ethics.



Committed to Excellence

Established in 1977, Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd (PESB) is a privately-owned company, providing our clients with efficient, diverse and effective services through a unique service model.  We are a leading contractor, partnering with our clients to provide precise, reliable and cost competitive services in the healthcare, industrial, commercial and transportation sectors.

Over the years, we have consistently achieved outstanding revenue growth, enabling us to build a solid and reliable foundation from which we contribute to the development of Sarawak.  We offer unique services in building works, road, civil works, and deep water port construction. We offer our clients safe and well-equipped services, through our experienced and skilled workforce and our large modern fleet of plant, machinery and equipment.

With a strong focus on safety, we strive to achieve a target of Zero incidents, believing in Safety and Quality in all we do. Our culture is demonstrated through leadership, trust, integrity and cooperation.



Professionalism & Passion

  • We are passionate about excellence and doing our work right.

  • We work as a team who shows initiative and be motivated by a desire to win, to commit, and to succeed.

Ethics & Trust

  • We build positive, long-term relationships with our customers and stakeholders that are built on trust, respect and collaboration.

  • We do the right thing in the right way.

Safety & Sustainability

  • We maintain the practice of “Zero Harm” to our people and environment.

  • We aim to improve the quality of life in communities where we work by respecting local cultures, engaging local people, and protecting the environment.

Believe in Each Other & to Be Better - Together

  • We foster togetherness to develop a dynamic and sustainable innovative culture.

  • We listen, learn and seek out the best ideas.  We attack complacency and continually improve.

Modern Work Space


Behind the Scenes

Our empowered employees work together everyday to achieve our goal of delivering the best services to our customers.  We equip our team with skills, knowledge and passion.  Each member’s contribution is an important part of the company and collectively works towards our company’s Purpose.

We continuously provide training and guidance to keep our team updated with the latest in construction skills, technological advances and leadership to remain at the top of our game.



Managing Director

James founded Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd and has over 42 years experience in construction, property development and management.
He is the Managing Director of PE Holdings Sdn Bhd, including subsidiary companies Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd and PE Land Sdn Bhd.
James hold a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.


Policy Statement

Our integrated Management Policy reflects our top management commitment to safety, environment and quality performance as well as our company mission for continuous improvement of all of our business activities and to maintain our position as the industry leader with reliability, precision and partnership.

Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd is committed to providing services in a safe, environmentally responsible manner, to the delivery of ‘on-time’, cost effective and high-quality products and services that satisfy the diverse requirements of our customers in both national and international markets whilst maintaining the practice of “Zero Harm” to our people and the environment.


Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd has implemented procedures to:

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy workplaces, safe plant and safe systems of work;

  • Ensure compliance with legislative requirements and current industry standards;

  • Support, train and assist employees and to involve them in consultation on safety, environmental and Quality Issues;

  • Reduce waste through innovative work procedures and recycling practices;

  • Increase the use of environmentally acceptable materials, equipment and technology in place of those which are considered harmful;

  • Actively promote environmental awareness among staff, clients, customers and the general public;

  • Maintain and improve our Quality Management System (QMS) and processes into an efficient and user-friendly system which ensures our customer’s needs are exceeded;

  • Focus on the continued delivery of research, education and continual improvement to the IMS;



Over the years, Perbena Emas Sdn Bhd has accumulated vast skills and experiences in many projects of differing size and complexities.  Among some of these projects are:

  • Airport

  • Deep Water Ports

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Residential / Condominiums

  • Hotels

  • Sports & Recreational Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Shopping and Retail Centres

  • Roads

  • Educational Institutions

  • Civil Works for MLNG 2 & 3



Lot 304, 3rd Floor The Spring Shopping Mall,
Persiaran Spring, 93300, Kuching

Tel: +60 82 255 319

Fax: +60 82 245 515

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